Lilith Starkís laugh can make rainbows, but even she canít fix deadóor can she? When grim Reverend Fisk treks all the way up to her house on the Blue Ridge to tell her that her husband, Joab, was killed at Gettysburg, she daren't tell him that Joab had come home right behind him, a ghost who has given up Heaven to stay with her. In fact, she daren't tell anybody, but she slips up with the neighbor ladies, and next thing Lilith knows the whole town is talking about her.

Brown's Corners, Virginia, isn't ready to believe in magic...or ghosts. They don't want to believe their dead may have come through on their way to whatever mysterious portal awaits atop Old Baldy and they didn't notice. The notion that her eldest son may be wandering the valley as a ghost drives the town's most respectable woman insane--and everybody blames Lilith. When Lilith tries to mend fences with her pa's magic elixir...well. It starts another small and private war that threatens to destroy both Lilith and Joab.

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"I donít often award five stars, but S. A. Bolichís combination of gorgeous writing, perfect setting, and character development makes In Heavenís Shadow a winner." ~ Barb Taub

"This is one of the loveliest, most moving stories I've read in a long time. I couldn't put it down. It's filled with wonderful, sympathetic characters and delightful magic." ~ Amazon

Author's Note

I began this book a year or so after my father died. I had no intention when I started it of writing about death or grief or what constitutes "proper" behavior... but somehow that stuff all poured out onto the page anyway.

And me, being me, could not avoid giving it all a magical twist.

I majored in history in college way back when, and this book finally lets me fulfill at least part of my youthful intention of getting my degree and settling in to write historical fiction.

My 12th-grade writing teacher would be proud!
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