The Mark of God

The Mark of God takes up mere days after the action in The Mask of God. Fate's arrow has touched Alarion, setting the fearsome scar of what should have been a mortal wound on his chest. Now well snared in the machinations of the god Stoneshaker, he refuses a future shaped by either of them and rides back into the desert where has almost died once already. There in Nemistak, the One God of the tribes has kept the tribes loyal through every hardship. Alarion wants to know the source of its power, and how it has survived 300 years of exile.

While he wanders among heathens, hiding his identity as one of their most hated enemies, Fate's fellow gods scheme to thwart her design for an orderly future. But none of them has reckoned with the wild, ungovernable Thousandth God and his fearsome dice, Chance and Destiny. He loves his wife; indeed he does. But chaos calls to him, and surely just one toss of the dice won't hurt?

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" interesting read... Bolich artfully creates the world and reveals the doubts many have of religion through the eyes of a young man... rich in imagery and depth."

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