The Mask of God

Alarion never wanted more than a job at court that's not too boring, but on his seventeenth nameday he suddenly finds himself the second most powerful man in Sevakand, hunting for the traitor who has assassinated his brother. The threads of treachery unexpectedly lead to the heathen tribes in the southern wastes, and then through Temple doors where no sane man would want to follow. Yet he must, for Fate and Death and Stoneshaker are fighting a secret war he does not even know about. Soon he finds himself, his House, and all of Sevakand being dragged into a maze of war and betrayal and unholy bargains―and that's before the trickster Thousandth God, the ungovernable lord of chaos, tosses his dice, Chance and Destiny, across the pattern....

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The Mask of God is vividly written in awe inspiring detail.... An epic struggle with some blood and gore, this book is interesting and the hardcore science fiction theme is fresh... Excellently written, well developed, this book is vivid and detailed. ~ Bookie Monster


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