Currently there are two series, The Masters of the Elements and Fate's Arrow, several anthologies, and one standalone novel.

How far will the bonds of brotherhood stretch when honor and duty, betrayal and death make love seem an unaffordable luxury? The royal brothers of House Aravon, Veran, Traven and Alarion, never questioned their loyalty to each other, never imagined it could be challenged. Until the gods of Ariel began to meddle in their lives for purposes of their own. And with a thousand gods...and One...all at cross purposes, and their followers as eager for power as they, what chance has a single House to stand against them all? Learn more...

The Mask of God by S. A. Bolich  The Mark of God by S. A. Bolich  The Heart of God by S. A. Bolich 


Coming Winter 2016 The Judgement of God
The fallout from Alarion's journey to An-Utah is more intense than anyone could have imagined . . . even the gods.
Coming Spring 2017 The Hand of God
The conclusion to Fate's Arrow brings gods, believers, and skeptics alike to a fateful final confrontation among the strange, redstone pillars of the most powerful place on Ariel.

Visit the Extras page for maps, sample chapters, and other behind-the-scenes looks at the complex politics and rich worldbuilding that went into creating the world of Ariel and its warring opposites, Sevakand and Nemistak.
On the world of Metrenna, with its single continent, Earth Mother's children—Fire, Wind, and Water—are as alive as she is, sentient, wild, and prone to pursue their own agendas without regard to each other or to any living thing on the face of Metrenna. The Mother exiled Fire long ago to a stone cage at the heart of the world because of his uncontrollable hunger, and created the Fire Clans to ensure he stays there. But suddenly Old Man Fire has begun a serious attempt to break from its prison, and the Dance that controls him seems to be failing. What does he really want, and will Wind and Water join him in his rebellion? Learn more...
Firedancer by S. A. Bolich  Windrider by S. A. Bolich  Seaborn by S. A. Bolich  Delver by S. A. Bolich
Other Books by S. A. Bolich
In Heaven's Shadow

Lilith’s laugh can make rainbows, but even she can’t fix dead—or can she? When grim Reverend Fisk treks all the way up to her house on the Blue Ridge to tell her that her husband, Joab, was killed at Gettysburg, she daren't tell him that Joab had come home right behind him, a ghost who has given up Heaven to stay with her. In fact, she daren't tell anybody, but she slips up with the neighbor ladies, and next thing Lilith knows the whole town is talking about her.

Brown's Corners, Virginia, isn't ready to believe in magic...or ghosts. They don't want to believe their dead may have come through on their way to whatever mysterious portal awaits atop Old Baldy and they didn't notice. The notion that her eldest son may be wandering the valley as a ghost drives the town's most respectable woman insane--and everybody blames Lilith. When Lilith tries to mend fences with her pa's magic elixir...well. It starts another small and private war that threatens to destroy both Lilith and Joab.
Out of the Vaults

Dr. Willoughby Thorne always wanted to work for the Smithsonian. Instead, he ended up the curator of the Museum of the Arcane, master (more or less) of three public floors and 772 vaults full of everything from the staff of Moses to the sword of Caesar to live bugbears and haunted bagpipes.

Endowed with the accumulated might of the artifacts themselves, it is his job to keep them in line—and in their cases. The objects, however, have their own notions about who's in charge. Aided by a museum staff that could kindly be called eccentric, Will fights to keep the artifacts from corrupting an unsuspecting public...even when the museum has other ideas! Thirteen stories of after-hours derring-do and magical geekery.

Coming September 15, 2016

The Mystical Cat

Look for "The Fixer"

Gears and Levers 1

Look for "The Ruby Curse"

Wolfsongs 2

Look for "Wolf Dreams"

Look for "Where Magic Lives"

Defending the Future IV: No Man's Land

Look for "Falling to Eternity"

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